Wounded Wonders

This is a place to share publicly about the beauty of wonder, the wounds we’ve suffered along the way, and when we’re really brave, the wounds we’ve inflicted upon others.

About Us

Our Beliefs

We believe we were made in love and for wonder.

We believe we are meant to create and express.

We believe confession is good for the soul.

What We’ve Made

  • Roadies Suck! (a confession)
    I ran my first trail race on February 2, 2021. After a lifetime of participation in various road races, I was astounded by how friendly and supportive all the runners were. In road running, the only conversations pre and post race seem to be between runners that already know one another – often clustering inContinue reading “Roadies Suck! (a confession)”
  • Twenty Two Love Notes
    One I once filled pages and pages of diaries, prayer journals, and composition books with earnest yearnings for an imagined and idealized “One.” I wondered, wished, and doubted. I still have wonders and wishes and doubts about oh so much in this life but I have certainty of one thing: you are The One forContinue reading “Twenty Two Love Notes”
  • Mobility, Complacency, Resources
    I started this blog in November 2020 with a retrospective of my November 2019-November 2020 weight loss and fitness journey. You can read that post here. If you prefer the short version, here it is: As a result of meticulous research and implementation of diet and exercise plans I lost 70 pounds over the spanContinue reading “Mobility, Complacency, Resources”