Who Shall I Be Today?

I intend to be brutally honest about myself in this post. My intent is to think honestly and out loud about significant and harmful shortcomings in my personal character in a way that may be helpful for my continued personal growth and maybe, possibly, helpful to my readers’ growth as well. While I generally dislikeContinue reading “Who Shall I Be Today?”

It’s Friday, but Sunday’s Coming

The title for this post is a small lie as I type this first line at 12:03am of Saturday morning. So, accurately speaking, yesterday was Good Friday. The beginning of Easter weekend. A day traditionally marked by somber religious ceremonies about alienation, betrayal, and death. The title for this post is a larger truth addressedContinue reading “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s Coming”

My Favorite Shows of 2020 (part 1)

2020 has been a year of prolonged solitude for many of us. While I have found great opportunities for personal growth and improvement throughout this year, I’ve also missed out on some of my favorite pursuits such as going to the movie theater on a dad-and-daughter (or son) date, taking my wife out to seeContinue reading “My Favorite Shows of 2020 (part 1)”

A Quick Summary of Twenty Years

I have this friend I’ve known since pre school. You might say it’s a friendship I’ve had the longest. But you might also say it’s not, depending upon your definition of friend. She was one of my very best friends in high school. We stayed in touch through our college years, and attended one another’sContinue reading “A Quick Summary of Twenty Years”