A Prophylactic for the Sunday Blues

A confession: despite the many, many blessings I ought to be counting, I am often susceptible to the Sunday Blues. It’s especially insidious when I start feeling them on a Friday, when the weekend has only begun! I don’t even hate my job and after a wonderful two-week winter break, I had every reason to be looking forward to Monday with eager anticipation as I’d finally be able to interact with my students again! Maybe I can blame the lack of daylight that Dark December haunts us with in its waning days. Maybe I can blame the fact I won’t actually be seeing my students in person on Monday due to our ongoing pandemic and distance learning setting. Those may be factors but the reality is, the doldrums were upon me.

So it brought me great joy when Heather suggested we sneak away for a quick camping and hiking trip this weekend. Her love for the outdoors and willing spontaneity may just be the first part of what initially made me fall in love with her back in late 90’s Bellingham. We weren’t dissuaded by the rainy conditions (and rainy forecast) so we loaded up the trusty truck camper and made our way up Highway 101 to our favorite area: the Olympic National Park.

It was a dark and story night. Ok it was technically still afternoon when we rolled in to our campsite at the Staircase Campground in Olympic National Park. It had been raining hard, like rain of biblical quantities, for several days and the clouds were still angry at 4:00pm.

After an all-night deluge, we woke up and enjoyed our morning coffee and tea as day slowly began to break. Yeah it still looks like night in this photo but it was 7:30 am!

The trail was muddy but we enjoyed excellent morning light with several moments of actual sunshine as we hiked the Beaver Flats area.

So it seems from a sample size of one that an effective prophylactic for the Sunday Blues is to get outside to camp and hike no matter the weather! Doing so with the love of your life probably helps a little too. We’ll be testing this theory next weekend at LL Stub Stewart State Park in the great state of Oregon.

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